Hatchets & Hops

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In order to book your Hatchets & Hops experience, here are some things you should know:

1. Use the menu below to choose your date, your time, and the number of lanes your group needs.
(Each lane can fit 6 throwers. If your group is larger than that, you’ll require more than one lane. If you’re signing up for a league membership, purchase ONLY one “lane” – that “lane” is your membership)

2. Our facility offers six separate throwing lanes, with six people per lane. This allows us to accommodate up to 36 throwers per group.

3. Today you’ll pay a $100 deposit toward each of your lanes.  The total cost per lane is $240. If you are looking to book more than 2 lanes, please call or email before you book so that we can explain some details regarding your experience. Deposits for league memberships are for the full amount of the membership. More details about leagues can be found here.

4. If you find yourself unsure about any part of the booking process, please call to clarify. The booking deposit is not refundable. All sales are final.

5. Please make sure that everyone in your group wears close-toed shoes to your event. You will not be allowed to throw if you are wearing open toed shoes of any kind.

6. With the addition of alcohol to our space, we ask that you arrive alert and free from the influence of any substances, including alcohol. Please be aware that arrival under the influence, or failure to maintain a responsible demeanor while you are here, may result in removal from the throwing area and/or the facility by our crew. Our crew reserves the right to remove any individual from our facility for any reason.

Please note, there is no admittance to our facility for persons under 21 years of age. More detail about booking, cancellations, terms & conditions, and safety policies can be found here.

For private events outside of normal operating days, please email us at hello@hatchetsandhops.com to make your reservation.