Hatchets & Hops

Month: April 2016

How You’ll Spot Us

Living the values of the Hatchets & Hops brand is the trademark of our crew members. Even during our interview process, we spent a lot of time discussing our values and what they meant to our candidates. The company values of authenticity, quality, confidence, discipline, pride, and community, are things that are truly embodied in […]

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Assembling The Crew

Throwing axes is an incredible experience. It’s empowering and triggers something within you. There’s a primal focus to it that can’t be matched. But that’s only where the experience at Hatchets & Hops starts. The best part about stepping through our doors is spending time with our crew. When we set out to recruit the […]

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Throwing Axes? Is That Safe?

Safety. It’s the first thing people bring up. Just throwing axes sounds outlandish enough for some folks. We knew that adding beer and wine into the mix would be sure to raise some eyebrows. We’re used to the question of safety by now. Of course the business model isn’t based on “getting drunk and throwing […]

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