Hatchets and Hops – Buffalo

What We Do

A little about us…

Hatchets & Hops is a recreational sporting venue unique to the region. We operate casual and competitive axe throwing events for social, corporate, collegiate, and league audiences. All of our events are fully staffed with extensively-trained instructors, guiding groups through structured tournaments lasting approximately two (2) hours. Safety and structure are a primary consideration, featured prominently throughout your experience. Special seasonal and league events are rotated throughout the year. Please note that you must be 21 years of age or older to enter our facility. 

Throwing axes at H&H is group-based. The minimum group size is six (6) people. Community is important to us at our facility. We started this throwing club to bring people together and take them out of their comfort zone. So any group smaller than twelve people will be combined with another group to maximize the fun. Our goal isn’t just to teach you how to throw an axe – it’s to cross boundaries together and step out of the day to day. Check your expectations at the door, throwing an axe is going to be a blast!

Our separate, dedicated bar area where is serving up locally made refreshments. We incorporate the finest local craft beers, wines, and ciders for the responsible imbibing pleasure of you and your group during your throwing session. Small plates are also served to accompany our local craft beer and wine selection.


What you do…

In a nutshell? Throw axes and feel a unique rush as you connect with this raw, sophisticated sport.

But you should also have fun, learn more about yourself and the things you’re capable of, and forge deep connections with your group as you’re all experiencing this one-of-a-kind activity together. While we do offer private events, during our normal weekend hours we hope you’ll learn our sport, meet some cool new friends, and leave our club more confident and excited for adventure than you were before.

Parties, team building events, a casual night out with friends that’s so much cooler than another trip to the bar. We welcome anyone who’s ready to embrace the rugged history of our sport and master something totally different!

Curious about anything?

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